Trend Micro Scan Results

Yes, it is true – at H.D.Munn, we actually use the products that we promote. That’s Trend Micro Home & Home Officewhat makes us a great affiliate website that brings you the best recommended products at the best prices.

Yes, it is true – that below are two Screen Prints (PrtScn) of TrendMicros Scan Report of my own system. The below graphics are a “picture of peace of mind.” Here is the first:


This happened automatically (scheduled once a week). Can be set up to scan as often as you like.

And here is the second Window report where TrendMicro removed 8 cookies after checking 404 files.

Let me ask you – “What is Peace of Mind worth to you?”

 Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security


TS_mason_1307How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook Graph Search

Trend Micro’s Tom Mason writes “Facebook has over 1 billion active users who log on at least once per month. Whether we like it or not, the world has gotten closer with the introduction of the Facebook Graph Search, which allows you to use social engineering to create a detailed search within Facebook. The potential ramifications of this new search engine are literally mind-blowing.” Learn how to protect your privacy.
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